Lace Overlay Tank

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Tank with a quarter length lace overlay and lace trim. Made from a mixture of TS4 textures. Comes in 12 colors. 

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  1. Hi. Your work is very good. But I decided to tell you about a problem that occured when I used your content. Women's clothing conflicts with the mod nomosaic Sim bathed in clothes from your content. When I delited your content, the sim was bathed in underwear, which is installed by default in Cas. Somehow your files are damaged files of my character and all subsequent saves have been crashed. I had to start the game again. Perhaps is there some decision of this problem? Thank you in advance.

  2. I agree with the previous commenter. When using this, all my sims wear this shirt instead of being nude. I was going to delete this, but after hearing about it corrupting saves, now I'm not sure if I should. This is a serious issue.

  3. This issue has already been brought to my attention and the files have already been fixed. In the sidebar you will find a section that says CC fixes. You can redownload the file there as well as the others that have been fixed.