Fixed CC Files

By 3:31 AM

It was brought to my attention that some of my CC files were showing up for showering/bathing Sims and so with assistance I have fixed the reported files as well as a few additional I have found myself. I have placed all the fixed files into one zip for convenience. If you have downloaded any of these files prior to March 10, 2015, please re-download the fix zip and remove the old files from your mods folder. As always, sorry for any inconveniences as I am still learning CC making for Sims 4. 

List of files included in the zip:

NyGirlS4_af_Mesh Sleeve Skull Shirt _Fixed
NyGirlS4_af_Lace Trim Tank_Fixed
NyGirlS4_af_Lace Boho Tank_Fixed
NyGirlS4_af_Studded Pocket Fray Shorts_Fixed
NyGirlS4_af_Long Sleeve Cropped Jersey Tee_Fixed
NyGirlS4_af_Lace Overlay Tank_Fixed
NyGirlS4_af_Lace Trim Denim Shorts_Fixed
NyGirlS4_Racer Back Collared Tank_Fixed

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  1. This did not seem to fix the issue for me. I had removed the lace tank since it was showing whenever my Sims were "naked". It permanently "broke" their nude outfit and after removal, the female sims were wearing the default bra.

    I added in these "fix" files and tried it and once again Sims are wearing the tank with the lace top when they are "nude". I will be once again removing this file, but unfortunately that doesn't really "fix" my already damaged game.

    Do you know of any way to fix this on my end?


    This helped me to fix the bathing clothing options