Cropped Cutout Jacket with Chains (Accessory)

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Because I had to have this as an accessory for my vampires / more goth sims and just because it's amazing in general. This is an accessory I made separating it from the top from the Vampires pack. It is found under the glove category and will not work with all types of tops. Tanks and tees that are slim and aren't meshed up top and on the sleeves (seems to work with tanks and tees with meshed bottoms however) work best, so please keep this in mind. Made from a mixture of TS4 textures. Base game compatible, comes in 15 presets.

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  1. I can't find a TOS or FAQ...but do you mind recolors of this? It's lovely! I've been looking for layering pieces all week!

  2. That was odd, but the website hadn't fully loaded until my comment was published. I now see your policies, so I'll await your answer before recoloring. Thank you so much for your beautiful creations!