Childrens Swimsuit Three Pack

By 1:07 PM ,

I got a request to do some swim wear for little girls and agreed it was a great idea because there isn't too much out there for children, so here I've done a three pack of swimsuits for little girls all inspired by some swim wear I had done for the adult females. All textures made from TS3 and TS4 textures. Mesh edits are by me.

Swimsuit names in order from left to right:

 Color and Pattern Maillot Swimsuit
 Gathered Waist Swimsuit
 Two Piece Tribal Swimsuit

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  1. where can i the hair in the middle?

  2. You can get the hair here:

  3. Sorry to ask, but can you make a shirt with youtuber logos on them? Preferably people like Captainsparklez, Jacksepticeye, Stampylongnose, and PewDiePie? Please?