V Neck Lace Pencil Dress

By 11:23 AM ,

A V Neck pencil dress with cross belt detailing and long sleeve lace overlay. Made from a mixture of TS3 and TS4 textures as well as real lace textures. Comes in 12 colors. 

3 Missoni Dresses mesh by All About Style is NOT included and is required for this download. Get it here.

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  1. Welcome back!!!! I've been missing you :D I hope that everything went well with the move.

  2. Thank you! It is good to be back-ish. Everything went as well as it could I suppose :)

  3. Is there anyway you can tell me the name of the mesh that is used for this one?the All about style web site is not longer there and I can not figure out which mesh it is.